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Regular Underarm Whitening Set


    • Lightens dark underarm.
    • Gets rid of rough underarms/chicken skin.
    • Protects from sweat and odor.
    • Skin nurturing.



    Q: Does Underarm Whitening Set cause peeling?

    A: Yes, it might cause slight micro peeling to some. However, most of the time, peeling is not visible.

    Q: Do I need to use deodorant?

    A: No need to use deodorant. All underarm products have antiperspirant properties to keep you protected all day.

    Q: When can I use Intensive Underarm Cream (step 1) again?

    A: You can use the cream again after a month of the last usage. For example, if you last used Intensive Underarm Cream on May 27, you may start using it again on June 27. Same instructions apply - use it for 7 days only.

    Q: My underarms got darker, should I discontinue use?

    A: If there's no itching, redness or stinging sensation, continue using the products. A number of people undergo the detoxification process wherein their underarms got darker but lightened eventually.

    Q: Is itching, redness and/or stinging normal?

    A: No, immediately stop use and consult a dermatologist. You might be allergic to some of the ingredients.

    Q: Do I have to get rid of my underarm hair prior to using the set?

    A: Not necessarily. Our underarm products work with or without hair on the underarms.

    Q: Can I wax, shave or pluck?

    A: Yes, but you must apply the products 24 hours after the removal of underarm hair.

    Q: Can I undergo underarm laser treatments while using the set?

    A: Yes, but you must apply the products 48 hours after laser treatment.

    Q: Will my underarms go back to its original condition if I stop using the products?

    A: No, but it will still depend on your skin and the way you take care of your underarms.

    Q:How long will it take before I can start seeing results?

    A: Most of our feedbacks are given by clients within a month of use but it will vary per person. It can be as early as one week or as late as 3 months.

    Regular Underarm Whitening Set