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Piel Beauty And Health

Be Bold! Underarm Lightening Set

₱1,540.00 ₱2,780.00

Sis, now you can be bold and daring! The Be bold! Underarm Lightening Set is created to solve your dark underarm problems. This is purposely formulated to lighten and smoothen your armpits so you can boldly raise your arms while wearing your favorite sleeveless #OOTD!

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You're Cool! Underarm Deo

You're Brave! Underarm Cleanser

You're Glowing! Underarm Serum

You're Vibrant! Underarm Night Cream

Follow these steps!
1. But first, detoxify! Using the You're brave! Underarm Cleanser, purify and prepare your armpits for the transformation. Apply a small amount on cotton and gently spread the product in a circular motion. Take note! Use this product alone for the first seven (7) days, day and night.

2. Stay fresh all day! In the morning, on the 8th day onwards, apply You're cool! Underarm Deo after taking a bath. Aside from preventing body odor, this also lightens! So skip your old deo and switch to this!

3. Here we glow! At night, starting on the 8th day, apply 1-2 drops of You're glowing! Night Underarm Serum and top it with You're vibrant! Underarm Night Cream, an underarm whitening cream that restores and lightens, and voila! You're on your way to getting the skin you're confident in!

Be Bold! Underarm Lightening Set

₱1,540.00 ₱2,780.00