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Do Underarm Whitening Creams Really Work?

Pampering yourself does no harm to anyone's health. Instead, indulging in some self-love is the biggest stress buster for our generation, which is super busy managing work and life. With hectic schedules and demanding jobs, we tend to forget our bodies. This negligence leads to petty issues like darkening of underarm skin which puts women in a fix, and they hesitate going out in their favourite summer dress. No matter how small the problems are, there are solutions to each one of them.

Dark armpits being one of the most prominent issues faced by women requires the least effort for their correction. A simple routine is all you need to keep the embarrassment at bay, which includes using a nice, skin-friendly underarm whitening cream. You'll find a lot of underarm whitening creams in the market, but it all depends on which one is suitable for your skin type. There are creams that work overnight while there are creams that you need to reapply throughout the day. Some of the underarm whitening creams take weeks to show results while some of them work instantly.

Before we jump to the best available underarm whitening creams, we need to know what causes darkening of the armpits. Change in hormone levels in the body due to pregnancy and diabetes lead to pigmentation of the underarm skin. Another reason is bacteria buildup in the armpit region due to sweating. The bacteria can cause not just darkening of the armpits, but also cause skin irritations, which, if stays unattended to, can escalate and cause serious skin problems. Lastly, excess production of melanin, the natural skin pigment which gives colour to your skin, hair and irises, causes hyperpigmentation of the underarms.

There's a misconception that underarm whitening creams bleach dark armpits to make them look brighter and create a mismatch of the skin tone in that area. That's not true, the underarm whitening creams do not bleach your armpits nor do they make the underarm skin lighter than your rest of the body. They are formulated to treat only the dark pigmentation caused by various reasons. They act upon excessive melanin production and conceal the dark skin.

Now that we know a bit or two about what causes darkening of armpits and how underarm whitening creams work, let's move on to taking care of our armpits to make them flaunt worthy.

Once you search for the best available underarm whitening cream, you'll be flooded with thousands of results. To make it easy for you here's a product that is a one-stop solution for all your dark underarm worries. Piel's Underarm Whitening Products does exactly what it says, quick and effective underarm whitening. It's the best-in-class, premium product available in the market that treats dark armpits without harming the skin and gives long lasting results in just a few days.

Piel's Premium Underarm Whitening Products contains four products for an all-round treatment of your dark underarms that needs to be used in the given order:

  1. Intensive Underarm Cream is the first product that you would be using straight for seven days. It is a gentle exfoliator that does not dry out the skin, lightens the underarms, kills odour causing bacteria, and keeps the underarms dry. Advantage of using this premium product is that the micropeeling is not visible. Once you have used the Intensive Underarm Cream for seven days, the following products have to be used to maintain flawless underarms.
  2. Underarm Lightening Solution, as the name suggests, it acts directly on the pigmented skin giving it a brighter look after regular application. It also kills odour-causing bacteria, keeps the underarms dry, and it is safe to use daily in the morning.
  3. Citrus Glow Serum can be used on underarms as well as any other body part. It lightens the skin, fights acne, ageing and blemishes, and promotes healthy looking skin. Use it in the evening and let it dry.
  4. Perfect Smooth Underarm Cream is to be used after Glow Serum and Underarm Lightening Solution. It nurtures the skin, lightens discolouration, and smoothens underarms. It penetrates deeper into the skin and is safe to use on a daily basis. Use it after you have applied Citrus Glow Serum.

After you have used the Underarm Whitening Set for a few days, you will experience lighter and brighter underarms that are worth flaunting when you go sleeveless. The underarm whitening Products, if used regularly, will nurture the skin and give faster results. You will experience it got you rid of rough/chicken skin and less sweat. A major advantage is that it kills odour causing bacteria keeping you away from unwanted body odour. All four products have antiperspirant properties after which you can skip using deodorants.


Another benefit of using Piel's Premium Underarm Whitening Products is that it works well even if you haven’t removed underarm hair. If you have just shaved or waxed or plucked your underarm hair, make sure you use the products 24 hours later to avoid any reaction. And if you plan to go for a laser treatment, the application of the product should be 48 hours later. The results start to show up depending on the skin type. It varies from a week to not more than three months for lighter and brighter underarms.

Underarm whitening creams work like magic and are not harsh on the skin. Including them in your daily skin care routine yields long term results that save you from embarrassment if you love wearing tank tops, sleeveless summer dresses or handkerchief blouses. Just like your hands, arms, and legs need nourishment and nurturing, your underarms too should be taken care of from time to time.

So, don’t believe in myths about underarm whitening creams damaging your soft skin, instead invest in a good set of cream for healthy looking, smooth, lighter, and brighter underarms for all special occasions. Throw your hands up in the air like you don't care, invest in Piel's Premium Underarm Whitening Products right away!