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5 Top Tips For Intimate Care

Intimate care is more than just a one-step routine. You have to commit to caring for your intimate area beyond what you apply on your skin. Here are 5 top tips we'd love for you to try to help boost the effect of our Be Fearless! Intimate Lightening Set.


Tip #1: Wash Daily 

Use products that are specifically made for intimate care like our Be Fearless! Intimate Lightening Set. Always use products with a well-balanced PH level to avoid skin infections.

Our set contains You're Alluring! Intimate Soap which is very light on the skin and formulated specifically for your intimate area. It contains Coconut Oil and Rosa Damascena Flower Oil which are both perfect ingredients for your intimate area. They are both moisturizing and have lightening effects as well. It is recommended to be used daily to achieve that rosy pink intimate area!


Tip #2: Wear Comfortable Cotton Clothing

Avoid using tight clothes. Rather, stick to breathable cotton innerwear to prevent it from darkening and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Tight clothes often trigger friction that could lead to hyperpigmentation. This is a very common cause and can be easily eliminated through more comfortable clothing choices. Remember, it's not just about the things you apply but also the things you do daily that will help improve your skin.


Tip #3: Avoid Using Gloves Or Sponges To Wash Your Intimate Area

The skin of your intimate area is very sensitive and can be irritated by abrasive materials like gloves, sponges, and loofahs. Plus, bacteria tend to build up and grow on things like sponges and gloves.

To exfoliate, simply use You're Desirable! Intimate Scrub. It uses Walnut Powder which is a physical exfoliant that will result in a more revitalized skin. It also prevents your skin from looking dull. 


Tip #4: Use a Soft Towel To Dry The Area

Use a towel that is soft and completely dry. Change it every two to three days, and don't share your towel with anyone else.

We recommend using a soft microfiber towel. Pat your skin dry gently to avoid causing friction and irritation that could lead to hyperpigmentation.


Tip #5: Opt for laser hair removal

Waxing exfoliates the top layer of skin making the skin more sensitive and prone to darkening.

We advice against anything that can be damaging to your skin. Laser her removal is a more expensive method but can be very price-worthy especially in the long run. You may opt for at-home laser products but visiting your nearest derma clinic would be best, as they have the correct machineries and training to achieve being hair-free.


Now that you have these 5 tips, follow them religiously to help improve the results of our Be Fearless! Intimate Lightening Set