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I am Evie, my self care matters.

Who is Evie?

Evie is a woman who wants to live and take a breath amid a hectic lifestyle.

Our mission is to turn every woman into Evie through the products we release and the community we will build. Our advocacy is for every woman to live and breathe.


Evie's Lavender Recovery Cream is now an essential in my day to day activities. I use it to boost my energy in the morning, during work when I'm stressed out, and at the end of the day when I'm about to rest. It has saved me from so many anxiety attacks. Definitely a holy grail!

Katrina, Govt. Employee

This is the perfect self-care product ever. I have been anxious and stressed due to the hectic life of running a business and this has been a saviour. I use it on my temples and the aromatherapeutic benefits are amazing. Thank you for this product!

Melanie, Pharmacy Owner

Balancing my career and being a mother to a 7-year old kid hasn't been easy but Evie's Lavender Recovery Cream has helped me navigate my life with less anxiety. I love the relaxing scent and the soothing minty sensation when I apply it. Especially since my work takes physical effort, I usually have aches at the end of the day that only this product could soothe. Thank you so much Evie!

Alicia, OT and Mom

Find instant relief and relaxation.

Evie's Lavender Recovery Cream is best for muscle relaxation, joint pain, and nausea. An excellent choice for massage therapists, athletes, and anyone else experiencing fatigue and nausea.

Calm down your senses.

Lavender is known to reduce anxiety by affecting our fight-or-flight response. When inhaled, the central nervous system is calmed down and this can you help you sleep and relax better.

Set a relaxing atmosphere.

Generating a more serene state of mind can help with stress, focus, and sleep. Managing these three things have a lot of psychological and physical health benefits.

Evie's Sea Salt Scalp Cleanser

This Tiktok Viral product that garnered a video of over a million views remains to be our best-seller.

Keahnna Reyes


"I have a sensitive scalp and so product build-up, dirt and dandruff puts me in an unsettling situation each time."

Jannene Nidoy


"A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair growth."

Cess Gonzales


"Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp!"