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I am Evie, my self care matters.

Who is Evie?

Evie is a woman who wants to live and take a breath amid a hectic lifestyle.

Our mission is to turn every woman into Evie through the products we release and the community we will build. Our advocacy is for every woman to live and breathe.


No other thing to say but that I love the sea salt scalp cleanser. I was amazed there even was such a product. It's very effective in its claims and gives me a chance to routinely do something for myself. It's not even hard to use because you just replace your shampoo and who doesn't use shampoo?

Nove Jane

Whenever I felt anxious I would scratch my head and that lead to an unhealthy scalp. Not until I used Evie's Scalp Cleanser did I stop the habit. Their brand has encouraged me to take care of my mental health better by their positive posts and self-care product.


I didn't notice how unhealthy my hair was until I used Evie's Sea Salt Scalp Cleanser. It helped rid of the product build-up from my silicone-based hair products. After a week of use was when I started noticing how my hair felt less greasy but remained soft.

Rosa Castin

Cleanse your scalp.

Cleansing your scalp leads to a lot of hair care benefits. It stimulates hair follicles for hair growth by unclogging pores, removes toxin build-up from your hair care products, and treats scabbing that causes hair fall.

Set a routine.

This sustainable routine of hair cleansing and scalp massaging helps you incorporate self-care in your hectic life. Having a self-care routine will boost your happy hormones.

Prevent build-up.

Have you noticed your hair products aren't working anymore? It's a sign that you need to cleanse your hair!